Social Events Calendar 2017

What an ABBA Salutely Fabulous Night!

What an ABBA Salutely Fabulous Night!

The Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club Social Committee is busy organising a number of upcoming events for 2017. As the year progresses, any additions will be considered as the popularity and attendance of each event is assessed. All of the Social Committee events are enjoyable occasions and we encourage you to attend as many as possible.

Save the below dates for 2017 Social Committee Events:
15 July | Winter Dinner
18 September | High Tea
7 October | Elegant Dinner

View image galleries from past events at the below links:
Around the World in 80 Minutes – 4 March
High Tea – Monday 5 September
Elegant Dinner – Saturday 8 October
Cabaret Dinner

ABBA Salutely Fabulous Night
Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

Upcoming raffle dates for 2017
26 February
14 April
14 May
6 August
3 September
26 November
10 December