Sam Price

samSam has been working at Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club for 18 months and is currently in his second year of his PGA Professional Traineeship.  Sam has previously worked for the Club and was a Member back in 2005.  Sam works in The Pines Golf Shop and is an integral part of our Golf Services team on both the Members and Leisure front.


  1. How did you first get involved in golf?
    Through my Dad I had a club in hand from birth.
  2. What’s your first memory of playing golf?
    Playing golf in the afternoons in summer with my Dad.
  3. What inspired you to apply to work at SCGCC?
    I was an access Member prior to starting work here and I saw how great this Club really is.
  4. What do you wish other people knew about SCGCC?
    How friendly the Members are.
  5. Who is the most influential person you have met in the industry?
    I met Tom Watson a few years back and he was such a nice guy.  He also gave me some fantastic advice.
  6. What might someone be surprised to know about you?
    I am an unbelievably good dancer.
  7. How would someone describe you in three words?
    Handsome, cheeky and charming.
  8. What do you do when you aren’t working at SCGCC?
    I enjoy spending time with family and friends
  9. What are your hobbies other than golf?
    I love checking out new cafes around the Gold Coast.
  10. What’s your number one golf tip?
    Focus on playing golf not just playing the swing.
  11. What is your favourite international course?
    St Andrews, the whole experience is just amazing especially for golf geeks like myself.
  12. What’s the most exotic place you have travelled to?
    Cabo San Lucas.
  13. Which sports teams do you follow?
    Tottenham Hotspur, Orlando Magic and either Brisbane Broncos or Gold Coast Titans (depends on who is winning).
  14. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
  15. Do you play a musical instrument?
    I play the recorder, I’m horrible.
  16. What’s the strangest talent you have?
    Can recite most Will Ferrell movie quotes.
  17. What’s your passion?
    Golf I just love the thrill of the game, every hole is exciting.
  18. What’s one professional or personal skill you wish you had that you don’t (yet)?
    Writing really good emails and being a guru on excel.
  19. What is the one thing in this world you are most proud of?
    My family.
  20. If you could invite any three guests to a dinner party, who would they be?
    The Rock, Tom Brady and Ben Hogan.
  21. If you were to start a company from scratch, what values would you build it on?
    Honesty and accountability.